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Life can be completely boring, complacent, and bleak, on the other hand it can be fun, bright, exciting and full of joy and novelty, and everything in-between. A lot of people “when” themselves to death… Literally! I will do that when… I’m going to start when…. We’ve all heard this language before. What if we’ve come to the time of the “when” only to discover another “when” awaiting us, then what? All those exciting things we wanted to do, fade away and we find ourselves on our death bed saying, “oh no, It’s too late!” Let’s stop when-ing ourselves and start having fun, and experiencing an energy rich life right now despite our circumstances. This is where Radical Living comes in…

What is Radical Living?

Radical living means far-reaching or thorough, in other words, being profound about how we live and go about our life. It’s challenging the comfortable way to do things, the “normal” way of things that keeps people in a box, complacent and bored, instead expressing ourselves totally and completely and experiencing the reward of energy, connection, and much more fun in our life. The good thing is that anyone can practice Radical Living no matter who you are, where you are, or where you find yourself in life.

How to Live Radically

Note: Living Radically doesn’t mean that you should egotistically go against the status-qou, or do things you really don’t want to do.

Radical Living is being aware of the inner inspiration or positive urge to express yourself and challenge your comfort zone and open up to new experiences and deeper connections with yourself, others, and our creator.

Example: You’re in the middle of the grocery store and your song comes on the loud speakers, so you stop and start dancing and smiling and when people look at you weird, instead of explaining yourself or stopping, you say, “Join brother, it feels good” 🙂

You have fun, make someone smile, your heart beats faster and your senses come alive, because you went about that situation radically and got out of your comfort zone. You became richer in emotion.

(This is just one example)

The “Three” most Life changing ways to live Radically

#1) Radical Kindness

The life changing affects of Radical Kindness are magical. Going out of your way to give random sincere compliments, smiles, and contributions are so emotionally rewarding that scientific research has shown that an act of kindness literally changes the biochemistry in the brain of the person doing the random act of kindness, the recipient, and the people watching. Forget food or energy drinks, this will juice you for the whole day and even the whole week.

#2) Radical Honesty – “Brad Blanton”

Radical Honesty is daring, it’s scary, and it’s one of the most rewarding experiencing one can have. When experiencing your true feelings in your relationships and even to yourself, the shame, the guilt, the resentments, the sexual attraction, and even imaginative jumping thoughts that have no significance, and you do it in a way of no attachment and with an intention to resolve or just express, then it completely disempowers the negative association to those thoughts and emotions and brings two people to a deeper connection than ever before after the awkwardness and fear there is peace, connection, presence and love awaiting.

(Note: It is important to express yourself with “I” messages and with no attachment of reciprocation, and must be in person conversations)

#3) Radical Forgivness

If you’re human than most likely someone will be unjust or unfair to you at some point in your life, some may be a small non-significant experience with someone that has no emotional connection with, like a waiter or waitress, or it may be huge and very significant with someone you loved and they’ve hurt you. Whatever situation we find ourselves in, we must remember that it is not what happens to us, it is what we focus on, give meaning to, and take action on, and by holding on to resentments and grudges, it literally drains us and continues to damage us for as long as we hold on to it. So being radically forgiving is having the awareness that what is done is done and knowing that the goal isn’t to be right, but to make peace. If we approach all of our relationships and affairs with radical forgiveness, it can save us years of heartache and nightmares, instead practicing love and forgiveness radically. Like Mark Twain quoted  “Forgiveness it the fragrances the violet left on the heal that crushed it”

Call To Action

So now you know what Radical Living is and some ways you can apply it in your life. Go out there and be brave, have fun, and challenge the boring tendencies of life. Go up to the cash register employ and when she says a zombie like auto response, how are you? Good!, instead say Hey. I’m curious… How doe your heart feel today?

It’ll get kind of awkward, then they will smile and come up with a clever reply. What you do is actually give them a gift, by breaking their pattern and guiding them to focus on their heart. Remember you have the power to change lives, and most of all you have the power to change your own life, by radically living and boldly going about your life.

Have Fun!

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