How to Become a Likable Person

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How others respond to us in our life is crucial to our success, happiness, and over all fulfillment…. Let me explain, have you ever observed someone that is likable, you’ll notice that they get treated better in restaurants, have more opportunities for jobs, as well as have a lot more people willing to help and assist them with projects.

So by becoming a likable person, not only do you have more friends, but your life is better.

What if there are trainable way’s to become more likable and to have more people respond to you compassionately, helpful, kind, loving, and positively. How much would your life change?

What does Likable Mean

Likable means that you have a presence about you that is attractive and contagious, not necessarily on the external image of yourself, but how people feel around you is what they like, or in other words, how you induce a feeling of positive emotion when you’re around. By being a likable person really means to be a silent saint. You’re unconsciously contributing to others by changing their state of mind and bringing them to positive emotions, and in return they naturally want to help you and assist you in any way they can. When you give a gift to someone, they immediately want to give something in return, this is human.

What being Likable is not

Becoming a likable person is not a fake, ego, superficial, manipulative attitude to get things out of people, no. It is a way of life and a practice of giving and receiving silent blessings. Also, you become rich in emotional experiences by developing relationships and creating new potential collaborative experiences with others.

Here are the three most effective ways I’ve found to become more likable

#1) Presence

Presence to me has two definitions. Definition number one is when, you walk into a place and boom! You walk in. Your energy is attractive. That’s right your energy, your presence. Every one is different in their approach, some are cool and collective, some or loud and cheerful, regardless of how you own yourself. Your presence is a magnet for people. Practice being present when you walk, owning yourself, let it show through your body and your eyes. Definition number two, your presence while in conversation. Listening can not only make you more likable, but you will form connections deeper than you’ve ever imagined. When you listen to someone, and actually care about understanding them. you give them a part of your life, and they feel that you actually care about them and they will appreciate you beyond belief. Presence is the key that unlocks someones heart to you

#2) Kindness

By being deliberately kind, giving sincere compliments, holding doors, smiling, and giving attention to other humans, then you will be a magnet for other happy humans. They will smile back, let down their guard, give you extra assistance. It will increase your serotonin levels, which are the neurotransmitters in the brain that make you feel good and you’ll literally become a happier and more likable person, just by simply being kind.

#3) Self-acceptance

Yes, that’s right, self-acceptance is one of the most effective ways to become a more likable person. How so? Let me share with you a very obvious answer… People are attracted to self-confidence. What is self-confidence? it is to have certainty in your own powers and ability’s. When you’re in the presence of a confident person, you feel the security, the certainty, the stability. It is contagious. So by accepting yourself, and owning your truth, no matter who you are, what you like, what you look like. Confidence doesn’t have anything to do with a personality trait. It’s deeper, it is to have “full trust” in the unique expression which is you, yourself. When you accept yourself, then you naturally learn to accept others and they are drawn to you.

Call To Acton

These simple observations can be applied in your life just being being self-aware and practicing Presence, Kindness, and Self-Acceptance. When you live, speak, and own your truth, you become likable and a silent saint. You will become richer in emotion and have a more joyous life full of opportunities.


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